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g Bring It On
Season 2, Episode 3
S2E3 Freakum Dress.png
Air Date: October 26, 2015
Viewers: 80,000[1]
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Our Team Is Falling Apart
Never Again Are We Doing Six Solos And A Group
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"Bring It On" is the third episode of the second season of Dance Mums.


The JEDT are competing in Liverpool this week so there's a lot to prove on home turf - plus Debbie Barrass and Team DB are competing too.

Charlotte and Sam are back and it's commercial week - Sam's favourite style – but it’s not all plain sailing as Jen brings in choreographer Craig Wharmby who adds his daughter to the group number.

It's the Jennifer Ellison Dance Team vs Team DB at the competition. Who will come out on top?[2]

Competition Attended

  • Dance Competition in Merseyside, England


Jennifer Ellison Dance Team
Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
Leah Rose
Freakum Dress Commercial 1st in Commercial
Chloe Push It Hip Hop 3rd in Junior
Tayluer Lux Aeterna Modern 4th in Teen
Eleiyah Heart Cry Tap 2nd in Tap
Debbie Barrass Dance School
Dance Name
Song Name
Dance Style
Group Dances Twilight Modern
Commercial 2nd in Commercial
Ali Rasul Lay Me Down Contemporary 3rd in Teen
Shannelle Stevenson Tap 1st in Tap
Charlotte Smith 1st in Teen

Other Information

  • Pyramid:
    • Chloe
    • Tayluer, Eleiyah
    • Aleah
  • Both Sam and Harry were not included on the pyramid for different reasons. Sam was not included as she didn't attend the competition the previous week due to the fight between her mother and Jen. Harry was not with the team this week because he is not a strong commercial dancer.
  • Craig Wharmby was brought in this week to choreograph the group routine. His daughter Angel and Josh Adedoyin joined the team as well as their mothers Patti and Lindsey.
  • There was supposed to be eleven dances in the commercial section but the other nine besides Team DB and JEDT pulled out last minute.
  • Team DB won the special choreographer award.

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