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g   Charlotte Traynor
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Nickname(s): Char
Gender: Female
Born: 16 March, 1976[1]
Age: 46
Occupation: Hairdresser
Friends and Family
Children: Sam (daughter)
Liam (son)[2]
Friends: Danielle Simpson
Maxine Kelly
Kelly Navis
Serena McConville
Helen Thorpe-Franklin
Claire Smallman
Lisa Kennedy
Love Interests: Johnny Depp (celebrity crush)
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer
Last: It's The End Of An Era, Kid

Charlotte Traynor is the mother of Sam Dennis.

Other Information

  • Charlotte wears glasses because of a medical condition with her eye and because of this her glasses have a lens to them to help her see one image instead of double that her condition presents her with. This makes her glasses appear dirty when the camera, lights and other filming equipment shines directly on them.[3]
  • Charlotte also has a fake tooth. This was revealed when it flew out during the bus ride to the competition in No-one's Safe.
  • She thinks that Jennifer is temperamental.
  • She prefers Serena over Maxine and Kelly over Danielle.
  • Her proudest moment of Sam was when she beat 79 girls in the British Senior Modern Championships and got 5th overall.
  • She thinks that Sam's biggest competition is herself as she overthinks and critiques herself a lot.
  • Charlotte's favourite thing about the show is getting to watch the girls perform at competitions and her least favourite thing is having to sit in the viewing gallery and watch the rehearsals because it's stressful.
  • If she was in charge of the team, she would make sure there was no favoritism.
  • Charlotte says that Sam's strength is being able to sell a routine and her weakness is her probably jumps but she also added that Sam is working on them as she knows that it's an area that needs improvement.
  • Her dream for Sam is for her to live her dream and be a professional dancer.
  • Sam says that her mother has a bad habit of arguing with people.


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