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Dance Mums
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General Information
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 17 (including 1 special)
Broadcast Information
Original channel: Lifetime
Premiere: 20 October 2014

Dance Mums is a reality television series that made it's debut on Lifetime in 2014. Created by Shiver Productions, it is set in Liverpool, England, at Jelli Studios and follows the early careers of children in dance and show business, as well as the participation of their mothers. It is a spin-off of the American TV series Dance Moms.[1]

The series follows Jennifer Ellison, the owner of Jelli Studios in Liverpool, England, as she coaches young kids to become superstars.

The first season originally aired in the UK from October to December 2014, with a special episode featuring Dance Moms' own Abby Lee Miller starting the season off. The first season was scheduled to air in the US starting in March 2015 but it was scrapped after the second episode.

A second season aired in October 2015 and ended in November of the same year. It is highly likely that this season will not air in the United States as well as the remaining Season 1 episodes.

Season 3 is currently a possibility however it is not certain.[2][3]


Season One

Set in Liverpool, UK Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison follows British national treasure Jennifer and her Dance Academy girls, as they compete against the nation's best in the competitive world of dance.

The ultimate goal? To get to the Dance World Cup in Portugal, Europe - and bring the championship titles home.

Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison follows a group of passionate and incredibly talented children in pursuit of their dreams, accompanied by their ambitious, driven and straight-talking mums in pursuit of trophies.

We experience the highs and lows surrounding dance competition season and see why the stakes are so high, in the weird but wonderful world of sequins, hair bobbles and lycra.

Dance World Champion title winner, Jennifer Ellison, runs her school with an iron tap shoe. She cares for the girls as if they were her own - but pushes them to the limits as they compete for greatness.

This show brings unfiltered passion, jaw-dropping talent and great British humour together as Jennifer, her girls - and their mums, compete for the ultimate dance title.[4]

Season Two

Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison is back and this time it’s not just Jennifer’s name on the line, it’s her cold hard cash.  She’s invested every penny she owns in her own brand new dance school business set in newly renovated state-of-the-art studios.  If this fails, she loses everything.

Jennifer’s backing herself and her team to succeed so if anyone – mums or girls - isn’t on board, it’s Jennifer’s way or the highway.

Will there be new mums and girls to mix things up?  And who will still be standing by the end of the series?

The new series is bigger, it’s better and it’s going to blow you away.

Expect the unexpected.  Everyone is replaceable.

Are you ready for round two?

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  • The series is produced by ITV's "factual arm" Shiver, rather than Collins Avenue.
  • There was originally to be 8 families[5][6] in Season One, however only 7 were featured.
  • During an interview on Liverpool local radio show on City Talk 105.9 , Jennifer talked about how she has not trained the girls on the show and has never claimed to have trained them. She put together the team, through auditioning the girls, as she wanted to give kids from Liverpool the opportunity to get their names out.
  • Filming for Season 2 began on March 7th 2015 with auditions for dancers to appear on the show.[7][8]

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