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Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison  is a reality television series created by Shiver Productions. It is set in Liverpool, England at Jelli Studios and follows the early careers of children in dance and show business, as well as the participation of their mothers. It is a spin-off of the American TV series Dance Moms.



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I'd rather sit on my backside and drink coffee and wine.

Danielle Simpson[source]

Sam has been a big sister to me. She's helped me when I need help.

Aleah Simpson[source]

I don't know what's happened to Charlotte. She has her hair really blown and she suddenly looks like Kim Kardashian.

Jennifer Ellison[source]



S1E5 Listen.jpg

"Listen" was a solo performed in Welcome To The Madhouse in Season 1 by Chloe Snr. The dance placed 1st.
S1E1 When I Grow Up.jpg

"When I Grow Up" was a duet featured in It All Starts Here in Season 1 by Chloe Fenton and Molly Thorpe-Franklin. The dance placed 2nd.
S2E3 Freakum Dress.png

"Freakum Dress" was featured in Bring It On in Season 2. The dancers featured were Sam, Eleiyah, Aleah, Chloe, Angel, Josh, Leah Rose and Tayluer. The dance placed 1st.


Leah Rose Kennedy is a 18-year-old dancer who joined the Jennifer Ellison Dance Team in Season 2. She is the daughter of Lisa.