Danielle Simpson

g   Danielle Simpson
S2 Promo Danielle.jpg
Gender: Female
Age: around 37 years old[1]
Friends and Family
Spouse: William (husband)
Children: Aleah (daughter)
four unidentified children
Friends: Charlotte Traynor
Maxine Kelly
Kelly Navis
Serena McConville
Helen Thorpe-Franklin
Claire Smallman
Lisa Kennedy
Feuds: Carol Greenwood
Jennifer Ellison
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer

Danielle Simpson is the mother of Aleah Simpson.


  • She prefers Serena over Maxine and Charlotte over Kelly.
  • Her proudest moment of Aleah would be everything that she's achieved over the last two seasons.
  • Danielle sees Chloe as being Aleah's biggest competition.
  • Her favourite thing about being on Dance Mums is all the friendships that have been made. Her least favourite thing is watching what the kids go through, especially in season two.
  • If she could change anything about the show, she would make the mums millionaires.
  • Her dream for Aleah is for her to keep improving and to be on the same level as the other girls.


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