g   Debbie Barrass Dance School
Location Hartlepool, UK
Aliases Team DB

Debbie Barrass Dance School is the dance studio owned by Debbie Barrass in Hartlepool, UK.

In Dance Mums

The Debbie Barrass Dance School (aka Team DB) is the Jennifer Ellison Dance Team's studio rival. The studio was first introduced in No-one's Safe and featured in majority of the season two episodes.

Dancers on Dance Mums

  • Ali Rasul: Ali is described as being the strongest dancer on Team DB. Due to his broadway background, Debbie uses him as a threat to the JEDT girls. He is the only dancer from the team who has competed for both Team DB and the Jennifer Ellison Dance Team.
  • Shannelle Stevenson
  • Charlotte Smith
  • Katie Mason
  • Olivia Bone
  • Rosanna Rigali
  • Additionally, there have been more dancers shown in the group routines however their identities remain unknown.

Guest Dancers

  • Candice Theasby: Debbie brought in Candice in Never Again Are We Doing Six Solos And A Group to go up against the three teen JEDT solos. Candice has many titles under her belt, one of her most notable being the winner of the British Modern Dance Championships for four years in a row[1].

Other Information

  • The studio ​is open monday to friday from 3.30pm to 10.00pm, offering every genre of dance.

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