Doll Factory

"Doll Factory" is an upcoming short film. An official release date for the film is currently unknown. Some of the dancers from Dance Mums have roles in the film. The film was funded by a Kickstarter campaign so that the film could be made to the highest standard and screen at film festivals all over the world.

An official trailer for the film was released in March 2016. A release date for the film is still to be decided.

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Doll Factory follows twelve-year-old Aliza Lambton (Tayluer Amos), a ballet dancer who is trained by her father Viktor. With Aliza training for the lead for the Doll Factory theatre auditions, Viktor has extremely high expectations of Aliza- expectations that Aliza's mother Rita doesn't agree with. With Rita warning Viktor for his applied pressure, Rita fails as she tries to talk Aliza out of over working herself at home and Rita is left to sit and watch Aliza train vigorously. With Aliza determined to perform the lead and the ending solo, Aliza is stuck between achieving a performance of a lifetime and knowing when her body has sacrificed enough.[1]


  • Tayluer Amos - Aliza Lambton
  • Chris Neels - Viktor Lambton
  • Maxine Kelly - Mum
  • Molly Thorpe-Franklin - Rachel
  • Chloe Fenton - Daisy
  • Eleiyah Navis - TBA
  • Chloe Greenwood - Sophie Wallis
  • Lily Whitworth - Sarah
  • Fay Tenant - Lizzie
  • Charlotte Hanley - Rebecca
  • Casey Mackenzie Johnson - Lauren
  • Jonathan Nyati - Nathan Danielson
  • Cassie Bancroft - Rita Danielson
  • Prince-Shemmakye Holness-Peart - Harvey Danielson
  • Nadine Hanwell - Elena Grove

Production Team

A list of the production team of Doll Factory can be found here.

Other Information

  • Filming wrapped up sometime in March 2015.
  • The film was originally supposed to be released in 2015 however the date was pushed back for unknown reasons.


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