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Location Liverpool, England
Aliases JEDT

Jelli Studios is a UK studio founded by Jennifer Ellison. Some of the dancers and their mothers at the studio are featured on the show Dance Mums.

The Jennifer Ellison Dance Team

The Jennifer Ellison Dance Team (aka JEDT) is the team featured on Dance Mums. The team was selected prior to the show's debut in 2014. The dancers compete at weekly competitions with routines learned days before said competition. Jennifer Ellison is the main choreographer however guest choreographers are occasionally brought in to assist. Guest dancers are also brought in occasionally.

Dancer Status Joined Left Notes
Tayluer Amos Active S1, E0 Has Not Left Tayluer has been shown to be Jennifer's number one girl since the start of the show. Due to this, fans of the show often refer to her as the "UK Maddie".
Eleiyah Navis Active S1, E0 Has Not Left Eleiyah is Tayluer's biggest rival on the team and is often shown to be Jennifer's "number two girl". In the second season of the show however, both Eleiyah and Tayluer are described as being Jennifer's favourites.
Chloe Fenton Active S1, E0 Has Not Left Chloe is the youngest dancer on the team but despite this, she often outshines the older girls in group routines. Jennifer describes Chloe as a being her "prodigy". During the first season of the show she was often referred to as "Chloe Jnr" due to the presence of another Chloe on the team.
Aleah Simpson Active S1, E0 Has Not Left Aleah is evidently the weakest dancer on the team due to her lack of experience. Jennifer often pulls her out of the group dances because of this.
Leah Rose Kennedy Active S2, E2 Has Not Left Leah Rose was originally introduced as part of the reserve team but was later added to the main team as Jennifer liked her stage presence. She has since remained as part of the Jennifer Ellison Dance Team.
Harry Smallman Recurring S2, E1/S2, E8 S2, E2/TBA Harry was added to the team after auditions in the first episode of the second season. However, Jennifer announced in episode four that Harry had to leave the team due to school commitments. Harry made a re-apperance for the season two finale but it is unknown if he will be returning for season three.

Former Team Members

Dancer Status Joined Left No. of Episodes Present Notes
Chloe Greenwood Dismissed S1, E0/S2, E7 S1, E8/S2, E7 9 Chloe was an original member of the team in Season 1. In One Man Down: Crisis Auditions, Chloe and her mother were excluded due to a physical altercation between Carol and Danielle in the previous episode. However she returned the next week with her grandmother Linda- who took her mother's place for the rest of the season. After Nationals, Chloe and Linda were asked to leave the team. Chloe was not present for season two until she made a one-off reappearance in I Wasn't Prepared For This.
Molly Thorpe-Franklin Dismissed S1, E0 S2, E8 9 Molly had been part of the team since it's creation but was dismissed prior to No-one's Safe due to her being one of the bottom two on the final pyramid in It's The Dance World Cup.
Sam Dennis Left S1, E0 S2, E8 17 Sam had been featured on the team since it was first created. During her time on the team she was often put in the shadows of Eleiyah and Tayluer, making her the underdog. Prior to the season two finale Charlotte announced her and Sam's departure from the show on twitter.

Guest Dancers

Dancer Episode(s) Present Notes
Poppy S1, E3 Poppy auditioned to fill in for Chloe Snr in Cabaret but was later brought in to have a duet with Aleah. However, the duet ended up being scratched the day before the competition as Poppy's mum didn't want to be part of the team.
Adam S1, E6 Adam was brought in to be part of the Vogue group dance. He also performed a duet with Chloe.
Jack S1, E6 Jack was brought in to be part of the Vogue group dance. He also performed a duet with Tayluer.
Angel Wharmby S2, E3 Angel was brought in to be part of the Freakum Dress group dance.
Josh Adedoyin S2, E3 Josh was brought in to be part of the Freakum Dress group dance.
Ali Rasul S2, E5 & S2, E8 In episode five Ali was brought in to be part of the "Phantom Of The Opera" group dance. Jennifer chose to invite him to get back at Team DB for entering a dancer who wasn't trained at their studio to compete against the JEDT solos the previous week. He was later invited back to re-perform the same group dance in the season two finale.
Shevaun Cottrill S2, E7 Shevaun was brought in to be part of the Chicago group dance.
Sophia Turner S2, E8 Long after the disbandment of the reserve team, Sophia was brought in to be part of the main team for the season finale.

Reserve Team

In Our Team Is Falling Apart, Jennifer introduced a reserve team. The team was brought in to replace some of the girls who were either absent or slacking in the group dance.

Dancer Status Joined Left No. of Episodes Present
Sophia Turner Dismissed S2, E2 S2, E2 1 (as part of the reserve team)
Leah Rose Kennedy Moved to Main Team S2, E2 S2, E3 1 (as part of the reserve team)
Evie[1] Dismissed S2, E1 S2, E2 2
Phoebe Harvey Dismissed S2, E2 S2, E2 1


The address of Jelli Studios is The Grange, 142 Edge Lane, Liverpool L7 5NA.


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