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g   Maxine Kelly
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Gender: Female
Born: January 7, 1970
Age: 52
Friends and Family
Children: Tayluer (daughter)
Thomas (son)[1]
Friends: Charlotte Traynor
Danielle Simpson
Kelly Navis
Serena McConville
Helen Thorpe-Franklin
Carol Greenwood
Claire Smallman
Lisa Kennedy
Episode Run
Debut: Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer

Maxine Kelly is the mother of Tayluer Amos.

Other Information

  • She prefers Serena over Kelly and Charlotte over Danielle.
  • Her proudest moment of Tayluer was when she became world champion.
  • She thinks Eleiyah and Sam are Tayluer's biggest competition.
  • Her favourite thing about Dance Mums is that Tayluer gets to showcase her talent. However her least favourite thing is the jealousy and arguing.
  • If she could change anything about the show, she would get rid of Danielle.
  • Maxine thinks that Tayluer doesn't have any weaknesses.
  • Her dream for Tayluer is for her to be happy and to pursue what she wants in life.


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