g   Nazene Langfield
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Nazene (right) with Davina McCall
Nickname(s): Nazene Danielle
Gender: Female
Home: Liverpool, England
Occupation: Dancer
Affiliations: Nazene Danielle's Dance Dynamix (owner)
Jennifer Ellison's Fame Academy (guest)
Friends and Family
Friends: Jennifer Ellison
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Nazene Danielle Langfield is a choreographer that appeared on Dance Mums.

Nazene often helped with the choreography on the show during the first season.

Other Information

  • Nazene has starred in a wide variety of stage productions such as Annie, The Sound of Music, Bugsy Malone and Her Benny. She also starred in David Copperfield, Whistle Down the wind and Bill Kenwright’s Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dream coat.
  • She began her performing arts career at Elliot Clarke Theatre School.


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