g   Rosina Andrews
Gender: Female
Home: London, England
Occupation: Dancer
Affiliations: Jennifer Ellison's Fame Academy (guest)
Friends and Family
Spouse: Sam
Friends: Jennifer Ellison
Episode Run
Debut: The Wheels Fall Off
Last: Everyone's Time To Shine
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Rosina Andrews is a choreographer that appeared on Dance Mums.

She is an experienced professional dancer, choreographer and teacher who has worked intensively around the world. Rosina has an infectious personality which drives and inspires teams that she works with. Rosina is a proficient and goal orientated choreographer for all ages and standards. Rosina’s work incorporates both intense training and freedom of movement allowing dancers to understand their bodies and also use them uniquely to create distinctive styles within the current dance industry. Rosina has strong leadership and organizational skills and possesses the qualifications and knowledge to aid, encourage and inform dancers. Rosina works well in a production team helping to create the director and producers visions. Rosina’s work ethic and style is principally based upon values used in the United States due to her time living and working in New York and Los Angeles. Rosina’s choreography has won awards and been noted for it’s individuality, innovative ideas and personal touch.



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