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Season 1
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General Information
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Number of episodes: 9
Broadcast Information
Original channel: Lifetime
Premiere: 13 October 2014
Finale: 8 December 2014
Season Chronology
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The first season of Dance Mums premiered October 13th 2014 on Lifetime. The season finale aired December 8th 2014.

The first episode to air was a special episode called Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer. This episode starred Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller.

The season began airing in the United States on March 17th 2015 after the Dance Moms episode Nia's Last Chance. However, the remaining episodes after It's All Kicking Off did not air in the United States due to low ratings.

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Guest Mothers

  • Helen
  • Debbie
  • Leigh Ann


Guest Dancers

  • Poppy
  • Adam
  • Jack

Season Overview

Season Episodes Original air date
Season premiere Season finale
1 9 13 October 2014 8 December 2014

Season 1: 2014

No. in
No. in
Title Original air date
1 -- "Dance Mums: Abby Meets Jennifer" 13 October 2014
Prepare yourself for fireworks! In the lead up to the brand new series, Dance Mums, Abby Lee Miller the star of hit US series Dance Moms, travels to the UK to teach Jennifer Ellison some tricks of the competitive dance world and show her how it’s done, stateside.[1]
2 1 "It All Starts Here" 20 October 2014
It's week one of the eight-week competition season for Jennifer Ellison’s brand new dance team. She’s personally selected these girls and their mums from her home town of Liverpool and they’d better deliver, it’s Jen’s name and reputation on the line![2]
3 2 "It's All Kicking Off" 27 October 2014
It’s all kicking off this week as the mums lose their cool causing Jen to impose some new rules. With everything spinning out of control it’s not looking good for this week’s competition on home turf. How will the girls fair against their local rival dance-schools.[3]
4 3 "One Man Down: Crisis Auditions" 3 November 2014
Following last week’s shock outburst, Chloe Snr and her mum are excluded and auditions are held to find a replacement. After missing a rehearsal Sam is pulled from her duet and with last week’s terrible results still fresh in their minds, the girls must step up to the mark.[4]
5 4 "The Wheels Fall Off" 10 November 2014
After last week’s success in Glasgow things were looking up, but not for long! Chloe Snr is back with her Nana Linda but with meltdowns, forgotten routines, broken rules and a trip to casualty for one of the girls, she returns to a studio on the edge.[5]
6 5 "Welcome To The Madhouse" 17 November 2014
Jen declares this week as ‘Street Dance’ week even though the competition is a very straight-laced and posh affair. How will the controversial routine go down with the upper classes? And to top it off, Jen announces a new addition to the team.[6]
7 6 "Bring In The Boys" 24 November 2014
Jen decides to mix things up by bringing in two boys, Jack and Adam but their mums are not welcomed with open arms. It’s solo challenge week and everyone will be dancing the same routine, but only one can dance at the competition – and it’s up to the mums to decide who![7]
8 7 "Everyone's Time To Shine" 1 December 2014
There’s only one week to go before the team travel to Portugal for the Dance World Cup. Focusing on each of the girls’ individual skills everyone is given a solo and the chance to shine, an opportunity that allows Aleah to prove herself.[8]
9 8 "It's The Dance World Cup" 8 December 2014
This is it, it’s the Dance World Cup and for the girls and their mums it doesn’t get any bigger than this! Chloe Snr’s commitment is questioned when she’s late for rehearsal and the pressure is on for a nervous Chloe Jnr as she prepares for her solo performance. With 18,000 performers, will the girls bring home the medals?[9]

Other Information

  • Filming and rehearsals took place in Studio 76 this season.
  • A total of twenty three solos, six duets, one trio, one quartet and ten groups were performed this season. This is not including scratched routines and re-performances.
  • There was originally to be 8 families[10][11], however only 7 were featured.
  • This season had an average viewing rate of around 108,833.


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